Welcome to Greenwell Consultancy Legal Services

Writing your Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, deciding on which Trusts are appropriate, discussing Probate matters on death, whatever the issue all of these are very personal to you and take careful consideration.

We believe clients should be helped and advised, but however long it takes is never ever an issue, it must be right and you must be comfortable and fully satisfied with the outcome.

We will visit you and discuss your requirements in the comfort of your own home or office to suit your needs, face to face advice is best although we do accept providing advice via telephone or email, Skype etc is sometimes necessary in certain cases.


Greenwell Consultancy Legal Services provides a full signing and witnessing service where required, in addition a Will storage facility which is completely free in the first year.

All our UK Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorneys are drafted by either our in-house specialists or experts at the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planners so you can be assured of a first class professional service. For your added protection our Profesional Indemnity cover is £2.5m per Will (not that we feel you will ever need it).

By making a legally binding Will you ensure that your beneficiaries inherit as you wish them to, on time and hassle-free – dying without a Will could mean your estate goes to people you did not want to inherit.

We are fully authorised by our professional body the The Society of Will Writers & Estate Planners, we adhere to their Code of Conduct.

Greenwell Consultancy Legal Services is a Professional Estate Planning and Probate Service you can trust.

Why appointing Guardians is so important

Appointing Guardians for your children who are under 18 years ensures they are cared for by people you decide and that are in their best interests.

Without a valid Will, a Court will decide on your behalf and until a decision is made your children could even go into care!

Making the right choices are important for their future should this be necessary, it is never easy to decide and many clients spend more time deciding on this area than most and rightly so.

Your biggest assets by far are your children, so make sure they are protected.